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  • 220 Thai Distributors Visit Gree HQ

            June 13~21, Gree Thailand agent led a delegation of 220 Thai distributors to Gree headquarters. This is by far the biggest delegation of overseas distributors that has ever come to Gree.

            The delegation is separated into three groups. They visited Zhuhai Sales Company, learnt about the marketing mode of Gree exclusive shops, and made a tour of Gree's high-tech showroom, laboratories, precision processing workshop, Daikin production lines, automation equipment, etc. These activities are meant to point out Gree's development path in Thailand from the perspective of marketing by sharing successful experiences in the domestic market, and in the meantime, give distributors strong confidence in Gree from the demonstration of Gree's technological power.

            A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Gree is going to flourish in Thailand!

    Visit to Gree Zhuhai Sales Company

    Visit to the Gree Exclusive Shop

    Visit to the Showroom 

    Visit to the Production Workshop

    Visit to the Photovoltaic Air Conditioning Project

    Visit to the Production Lines

    Visit to the Automation Equipment

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